We are a holistic organization covering a wide foray of activities under its umbrella. We offer products and services par excellence. Our goal is to make a difference and contribute to the world of humanity by making way through break-through technologies. We believe in assisting people interested in setting up new ventures with our Energy scanning and Therapy machines and take no one as competition. We believe there is room for everyone and the idea is to reach out to those who have only seen and heard of such profoundly technical machines but these systems are yet to be made easily available in India. We strive to create a balance of the ‘other world’ and this world by capturing the invisible!
We are authorized distributors of the world-wide products that we supply and provide complete training and support in India. We specialize in all forms of devices which are capable of imaging and reading the vibrational frequencies of Human Energy Field, Vastu/Earth Energy, Objects, Medicines, Crystals, Plants and Animals. We vouch for providing the most cost effective and high precision systems with marked accuracy levels in the Indian market. Please read our Product details for more information.
We also hold Workshops, Training and Product promotional campaigns and impart relevant knowledge from time-to-time on various Energy Scanning and newer gadgets available in the market which can scientifically measure different dimensional frequencies and show in the form of color spectrums. We talk about the Science behind Aura Imaging based on biofeedback technology and welcome fresh ideas and tie-ups with like-minded groups and organizations. Visit our website again to check for updates on newer products and workshop sessions across India.
Special on-site Aura Scanning & workshops are also organized on demand for Interested groups, Hospitals, Health and Wellness centres, Spas, Meditational & Healing centres, Corporate Wellness programs etc.
Divya Mathur, the promoter of the company is a young upcoming entrepreneur, renowned Aura Consultant, Astrologist, Numerologist, Feng-shui expert who has been personally involved in conducting Aura Imaging tests based on biofeedback technology and all other activities of her organization. Minute reading and deep analysis of Aura reports is what she seems to have mastered over a period of time. According to her every scan reveals something different and each report has something very individualistic to speak about. Every energy and vibration is unique and one stands absolutely transparent as a human being in terms of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional planes once these tests are conducted!
A software engineer by profession, Divya is able to scientifically prove and show the miracles of latest technologies in the field of Energy scanning. She wants to create as much awareness about these unique products and services in order to assist and make available such technologies to the masses.
Divine Energies has been focussing on promoting all such scientifically proven gadgets to image and measure the energies of the unknown!
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