4th of Dec 2016 Interactive AURA WORKSHOP held in Chembur, Mumbai. One gets to learn everything there is to AURAS -Energy Fields. One learns to scan Human auras with bare hands, learn to see AURAS with your naked eyes and carry back your aura picture with full report and analysis using the Aura machine. Charges= Rs.5000 + 1500 for Aura Report (optional) Timings: 10am till 6pm Workshop includes the course manual, lunch & beverages

AURA PHOTOGRAPHY and CHAKRA SCANNING, 12pm-7pm on 8,9,10th Dec 2016. Charges= Rs.1500 Please take prior appointment at +91 98200-00990 / +91 98200-11130 / +91-22-25515172

In News
Divya Mathur, the promoter of the company, Divine Energies has been in news ever since she stepped into the world of Aura Imaging and other Energy scanning devices. Workshops and television interviews held on the science of energy scanning seem to have created an uproar and taken the Indian market of supplying Holistic gadgets by storm. She has moved up slowly and steadily, making her presence felt initially with Aura Photography. Today she happens to be a pioneer in the field of Aura Scanning and Chakra analysis. Besides running her firm with cutting edge entrepreneurial skills, she herself is actively involved with reading and analyzing Aura Reports. Divya today is content with new discoveries in the realms of spirituality. She has chosen to devote a large part of her time to social and holistic activities and feels a lot needs to be done in this sphere.
She made interesting news and got ample media coverage when it was known that the invisible now could be captured with the help of special high-end machines. Divya has been covered by various electronic and print media for her credible work. Some of which are listed below.

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