Aura Photography
The human aura is made up of our bodies’ emanations, neural thought patterns, and spiritual energies of the ambient air.
Some Psychics can visualize aura frequencies. Their eye or ‘inner eye’ then perceives these as colors. Similarly, the Aura Imaging technology also translates your measured frequencies into the corresponding color on the spectrum.
AURA SCANNING based on Bio-feedback technology calculates & captures the human energy field (HEF) of an individual through a device called Bio-sensor which picks up the energy and translates the frequency in the form of a color spectrum. Each color band depicts different vibrational frequency of that person. For example-Violet color would show immense progress in the spiritual field, intuitive abilities and connection with the divine, whereas, Red would show more interest in power, money, physical well-being etc.
Auric field of a person substantially remains the same over a period of time. As the aura is in constant motion, subtle changes in saturation, hue and volume can be noticed in the most stable auras as well.
Most of the people may not be aware of certain qualities or factors about their lives, which an aura picture can reveal about them. Aura photography can provide valuable information about a person which is personal and individualistic.
The AURIC field and energy emitted by each person is captured LIVE !
Get your aura imaging done to know where you stand today and what lies ahead.
A complete Aura Test report would reveal --
 Individual behavioural pattern - Basic personality traits
 Success factor related to Power & Money
 Degree of Spiritual Upliftment
 Presence of healing powers within you
 Development of Clairvoyance & Intuitive abilities
 Insight into your near future
 Karmic and Emotional blockages affecting your present life
 Purified levels of 5 elements/ tatvas in your body :
   * earth-prithvi,
   * water-jal,
   * fire-agni,
   * air-vayu
   * ether-akash
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