We provide a number of holistic services in addition to supplying Energy Scanning and Therapy systems. Please contact us to know in detail about our services mentioned below :
 Aura Photography
The human aura is made up of our bodies’ emanations, neural thought patterns, and spiritual energies of the ambient air.
Some Psychics can visualize aura frequencies. Their eye or ‘inner eye’ then perceives these as colors. Similarly, the Aura Imaging technology also translates your measured frequencies into the corresponding color on the spectrum.
AURA SCANNING based on Bio-feedback technology calculates & captures the human energy field (HEF) of an individual through a device called Bio-sensor which picks up the energy and translates the frequency in the form of a color spectrum. Each color band depicts different vibrational frequency of that person. For example-Violet color would show immense progress in the spiritual field, intuitive abilities and connection with the divine, whereas, Red would show more interest in power, money, physical well-being etc.
Auric field of a person substantially remains the same over a period of time. As the aura is in constant motion, subtle changes in saturation, hue and volume can be noticed in the most stable auras as well.
Most of the people may not be aware of certain qualities or factors about their lives, which an aura picture can reveal about them. Aura photography can provide valuable information about a person which is personal and individualistic.
The AURIC field and energy emitted by each person is captured LIVE !
Get your aura imaging done to know where you stand today and what lies ahead.
A complete Aura Test report would reveal --
 Individual behavioural pattern - Basic personality traits
 Success factor related to Power & Money
 Degree of Spiritual Upliftment
 Presence of healing powers within you
 Development of Clairvoyance & Intuitive abilities
 Insight into your near future
 Karmic and Emotional blockages affecting your present life
 Purified levels of 5 elements/ tatvas in your body :
   * earth-prithvi,
   * water-jal,
   * fire-agni,
   * air-vayu
   * ether-akash
 Chakra Scanning
Chakras -The energy centers of the Aura
The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word “cakram” which mean “wheel”. Chakras are supposedly the anchors of our spirit. There are seven major centers of energy and several minor ones in the hands and feet. They are said to spin like vortexes and emanate color. Some systems of belief say that you are aligned when your chakras all spin clockwise.
Chakra can increase or decrease in size, resonance and frequency levels subject to major changes in one’s life – upheavals in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual states of the body will reflect in one’s energy field which is invisible to the naked eye. Now, with modern aura imaging tools, it is possible to detect the presence of these energies and it is possible to see your personal AURA and Energy Vortexes (CHAKRAS).
A typical Chakra scanning test would show
 Current alignment of your 7 (seven) chakras
 Flow of balanced/ unbalanced energies in all chakras
 Interpretation of positive and negative flow of energies
 Endocrine glands & Organs affected by the related chakra
 Direction, planet, element, mantra and position of each chakra
 Frequency, volume, size & colour of each chakra
Energy color in our seven chakras
Crown--Experience: The color seen over your head is what you experience for yourself now. It’s the color that would best describe you.
Third Eye--Celestial: The color of the third eye reflects your spiritual state. Your insights, celestial dreams and spiritual guides also affect this chakra.
Throat--Communication: The color on the throat is traditionally energy actively being expressed or held back. It could be a laugh or a song.
Heart—Empathy--The color of your heart is usually the force coming into your being.
Solar Plexus--Self-Esteem: The color of the solar plexus is usually the center vibration of your being. It is the most common center for suppressed desires and feelings.
Sacral--Relationship: The energy coming from the sacral area is what sparks all creative and social impulses. It emanates sexual desires, but also feelings of love.
Root--Survival: The color of the root area is generally the energy of the physical plane and the person’s common reality. This is where all impulses for emotions begin.
 Full Body Analysis
Auric field of a person substantially remains the same over a period of time. As the aura is in constant motion, subtle changes in saturation, hue and volume can be noticed in the most stable auras as well.
In addition to Aura Photography, with each full body aura scanning done, one is likely to know ones
Applied intellect – level of active mind
Ratio of Mind-Body-Spirit awareness
Affected body Organs and Glands and review of health and well-being in brief
Harmonious frequency levels of Navgraha Planetary (9 planets) positions
Identify low energy areas/directions of your house affecting health
Love Energy present within your heart
 Spiritual Healing
We pray for the well being of those interested and in need of healing energies. This is voluntary service and is absolutely free of charge. We try to assist as many souls as possible through divine prayers and meditation. We merely act as instruments of God and try to connect the cosmic energies with your being for healing to take place. One way of doing it to release one from ‘Sanchit’ Past-life Karma. We do not promise and guarantee results. We simply pray with simplicity and humility for you. Anyone receptive to energies will receive the divine grace faster and will notice changes in one’s area of life that was seeked help for.
We just have one request – please seek help and reach out to us only if you can surrender completely. Prayers might not work for people with strong logic minds and inability to surrender to divine consciousness.
We have two ways of connecting and finding solutions for your present problems/blockages:
Distance Healing – Please place your request and send a picture via email or post.
In person - You are welcome to take appointments for every Sunday for single/group healing sessions.
 Training & Workshops
Training & Support is available for products bought from us. We are authorized distributors of the world-wide holistic products that we deal in. We provide standard warranties and impart complete service and support at a charge. Trainings are currently held in group or solo sessions.
'Know your Aura' workshops are held from time-to-time where one can learn everything there is to AURAS.

It is a profound subject which requires in-depth study and practice. These One-day Workshops give an insight about Energy fields and information it contains.

One also gets a hand-on-experience of being an Aura Reader and make predictions!
Various Group activities are conducted to ensures participation from all.
Comparisons of 'Before & After' Healing and Meditation are recorded then and there in the class.
You also get to scan Auras using your bare hands, learning it the right way.
There is a Course Manual provided alongwith your Aura Picture and compete report with analysis.
The Workshop is inclusive of Tea/ Coffee and Lunch.
 Astrological Readings
We conduct in-depth reading of your Vedic horoscope and Moon Rashi and tell you what future holds for you. This is done in conjunction with our aura imaging tools to analyse your energy field for accuracy purposes. We would require your exact date/time/place of birth for calculation of your birth chart. An address needs to be provided if you want us to post the horoscope in hard copy. Based on the current planetary predictions, we suggest remedies to reduce the scope of harsh dashas/ periods.
We conduct Feng-Shui audits for apartments, offices, residential and commercial buildings, factories, plots etc and suggest changes accordingly.
We believe that destiny plays a very important role in one’s life and one is karmically connected with other souls and energies. Like energies attract like energies.
Similarly, Earth luck too defines your success and failures depending on the direction of wind and five elements of this earth –earth/water/fire/wood/wind. A wrongly designed dwelling can create havoc or a well designed dwelling can prove immensely favourable doubling the destiny luck.
Free will and mind power play a very important role too but not by crossing basic guidelines predestined in your chart and not by surpassing the basic fortunate or unfortunate factors related to earth luck. There is a certain percentage of free-will each one of us practises in our lives within the blueprint we are born with.
We conclude exact spelling for your full name/ business name/ nick names. The spelling needs to match the vibration of your birth date and birth number for trapping correct vocal and written energies defined by your name. The precise vibration generated ensures success in the chosen ventures. It inculcates qualities such as self-confidence, independence, dynamism to move with the force and rely on your abilities to conquer the impossible!
 Aura Healing
Some methods suggested to balance and energize your Auric Field
 Reiki Energy Balancing
 Theta Healing
 Pranic Healing
 Psychic Energy transfer
 Other forms of Spiritual Healing or Alternate therapies
 Self healing & group healing sessions
 Sun Meditation
 Past Life Regression / Hypnotherapy
 Changing food habits
 Pranayam & Yogic Kriyas
 Massages / Acupressure / Acupuncture
 Working on the 5 element theory
 Strengthening your Navgrahas
 Social & charitable activities
 Crystal & Energized water Therapy
 Sound, Light, Aroma Therapy
 Target Chakra healing in case of imbalance
 Mantras / Chanting
 Working at conscious / sub-conscious level
 Mind power & Internal Strength
 Healing with your own Aura
 Purification and cleansing of Aura
 Releasing black energy after a healing session 
 Embracing the grace and blessing of the Supreme with complete surrender
Aura Photography
Chakra Scanning
Full Body Analysis
Spiritual Healing
Training and Workshops
Astrological Readings
Aura Healing
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